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Energy Movement Transformation

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Hi, I'm Natalia

Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor and Master Reiki Practitioner

My journey into the energy practices began long time ago. I think the awareness and some understanding of energy has been with me my entire life, leading me to where I have come already and where I’m going to still arrive. This has been a truly wonderful path, and one of the highlights of it was Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that I have been learning, practicing and teaching since 2016. Qigong has brought many amazing things into my life and made some transformative changes. It lets me feel connection throughout my entire body, connection to myself and to the world around me; feel the energy flow and create this flow. Qigong is much more than just a physical movement, it is a spiritual practice that focuses on health and wellbeing and brings a peace of mind. I’m very much looking forward to sharing this sacred knowledge with you during my Qigong classes online or in Abu Dhabi.

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Body Breath Spirit


Developed over 5000 years ago, Qigong is an ancient system of movement and breath exercises that cultivates peak physical health and peace of mind. It is officially known in China as the science of human potential and development.

Qigong practice opens our innate ability to heal, reduces stress and helps us reach our maximum human potential. Regular practice helps increase muscle tone and flexibility, as well as cultivates a sense of free-flowing energy in the body and enhances our connection to nature.

White Tiger Qigong, that I have been practicing and teaching, specialises in extremely dynamic Taoist Qigong exercises that harmonise the body, breath and spirit to promote healing, transformation and the realisation of your ultimate potential.



Reiki is a form of energy work. It is a Japanese restorative technique that can be used to reduce stress, speed healing and encourage general relaxation, while promoting overall well-being.  


Optimum health is a holistic and dynamic state of balance. Reiki works to restore that balance, freely flowing to affected areas and raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body. It clears stagnate (or blocked) regions allowing the life force to move through in a natural and highly beneficial way.

I am a Reiki Level II Practitioner and offering Reiki sessions at Change Works Wellbeing Centre in Abu Dhabi.

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“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

Lao Tzu

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Qigong Classes
Private Training



I offer Personal Qigong Training Sessions year-round for clients of any age and level. These classes will be tailored to your specific needs, goals and outcomes, and you will get an in-depth training with subtle corrections.

Learn from Home



Learn Qigong at your own convenience at home! This option is also great for those people who are already learning Qigong form White Tiger Qigong Online Courses and would like to get a personal guidance.

Group Training

Group Classes and Workshops

If you would like to gain an overview of Qigong, then a workshop will be a great choice for you. With group classes you will engage in regular practice, building up your repertoire of Qigong forms.

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Hafsah Hussain

I was first introduced to White Tiger Qigong at a yoga fest in Abu Dhabi when Natalia showed me two forms. I knew right then that I had to learn more about it. Over the past year I have taken 2 workshops with Natalia and have regularly attended her Qigong classes and it has helped me transform and how! I have completely recovered from dealing with severe back and neck pain and having to go through physiotherapy every few months. For someone who hates working out, I completely fell in love with all the forms of White Tiger Qigong. Natalia is ever so patient and makes sure you get the right form slowly but steadily. Can’t thank her enough for making Qigong a part of my life.

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